North Carolina Lemon Law Process

To successfully complete a lemon law claim and seek compensation for the defect to your vehicle, you must first complete several steps. At Law Office of Richard A. McNeil, we routinely represent consumers and car buyers in this process.

North Carolina Lemon Law Process According To Lemon Law Statutes

1. Attorney McNeil will assist you in gathering information and documentation regarding your potential claim. This includes service records, work orders, repair records from the dealership, correspondence with the manufacturer or dealership, purchase orders and any records or warranties related to the vehicle.

2. We will open a file with this information and begin working on your case.

3. Attorney Richard A. McNeil will send a letter directly to the manufacturer, stating that you are seeking relief under lemon law for the defect(s) plaguing your vehicle. This letter will state the nature of the complaint and provide evidence and documentation to support your claim.

4. The car manufacturer will generally begin an investigation of its own, looking into the claim of defect and the measures taken by the dealership to fix or repair the issue.

5. Negotiations will commence between our firm and the manufacturer to reach an agreement to remedy the situation. It generally requires 30 to 60 days for the manufacturer to establish a position and notify our firm, thus beginning negotiations.

6. If the matter is not resolved in a manner that respects our client's position during the negotiations, we will provide thorough advice on all possible legal alternatives including arbitration and litigation.

It is important that you work through a skilled lemon law attorney to complete this process. Manufacturers are often more likely to cooperate with representation than the consumer directly, and there are many potential pitfalls that a lawyer can help you avoid, moving the process efficiently along.

Most importantly, the lemon laws contain "fee-shifting provisions," meaning that the manufacturer can be responsible for our attorney fees. Because of this, we charge you nothing up front or out of pocket. The only way in which our firm is paid is if we recover on your claim. If for any reason, we are unable to recover on your claim, you are still not responsible to us for anything!

To learn more about how we can represent your interests in lemon law proceedings, please contact our North Carolina Lemon Law lawyer today at 919-926-0863 or toll free at 866-916-8622.