What Can I Recover Through Lemon Law?

After having invested significant funds into a new car or vehicle, many consumers who have been sold a lemon are left to wonder how much they will be able to recover at the end of the lemon law proceedings.

Available Refunds And Replacement Vehicles

If the vehicle qualifies for coverage under the lemon laws, the consumer has a few potential outcomes for compensation, which can be negotiated with the manufacturer.

  • The manufacturer may pay back the amount you paid for the car. Deducted from this amount would be any rebates you received, as well as a standardized mileage deduction based on usage of the car.This can be referred to as a "buyback", "refund," or "repurchase."
  • The manufacturer may replace the lemon with a new and comparable vehicle. This typically means the same or even newer model year with similar features. There is not a mileage deduction for a vehicle replacement.
  • The manufacturer may be responsible to pay you a cash settlement or negotiated compensation for your time lost and inconvenience, as well as loss in value of the vehicle that has been suffered as a result of the defects.

Our firm will represent your interests and strive to ensure that you are provided a sufficient settlement or replacement option that protects your investment and fully compensates you for the time and value lost in dealing with the lemon. Attorney Richard A. McNeil has established working relationships with contacts and representatives throughout the car manufacturing field and is prepared to work for the outcome that best meets your needs and goals.

Most importantly, the lemon laws contain "fee-shifting provisions," meaning that the manufacturer can be responsible for our attorney fees. Because of this, we charge you nothing up front or out of pocket. The only way in which our firm is paid is if we recover on your claim. If for any reason, we are unable to recover on your claim, you are still not responsible to us for anything!

To learn more about how we can assist you in seeking full compensation and replacement for your lemon, please contact our law firm today at 919-926-0863 or toll free at 866-916-8622.