A Lawyer You Can Trust When You Can't Trust Your Car

I protect the rights of motor vehicle owners across North Carolina by enforcing the state's lemon law.

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“Dedicated. Astute. Determined. Mr. McNeil balances his comprehensive legal knowledge, engaging courtroom performance and awareness of clients’ needs, making him a cut above the rest. In short, he is a solid performer who understands the finer points of customer service and satisfaction.”

Mr. & Mrs. C. B. Gardner, Sr.

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help with my 2009 Lemon Law case. I gave the car dealership every opportunity to make it right. As you know, without your help that would never have happened. Instead of a 2009 with after-factory additions, I was awarded a 2010 with everything I wanted, and then more. You were able to accomplish this, and the manufacturer paid your fee. I will forever be indebted to you for your help.”

Cindy G.

“My husband and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of our recent Lemon Law case. You handled our case so professionally and with so much expertise. We know we would have never had the same outcome without your assistance. We are very thankful that we found you! We highly recommend you to anyone that is in the same predicament that we were in!”

Johnnie and Bonnie J.

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You Don’t Have To Live With A Lemon

In today’s world, we rely on motor vehicles in every part of our lives. We drive to and from work, school and all of life’s errands. We rely on cars to get us to important appointments and to take our children where they need to go.

The importance of vehicles in our lives is why we are willing to invest so much money in them. If you cannot rely on your car because it requires constant repairs, the resulting expense and inconvenience is maddening — and it may also be illegal.

You Have Rights And I’m Here To Protect Them

At The Law Office of Richard A. McNeil in Raleigh, I provide legal counsel to people who have purchased defective vehicles across North Carolina. I understand the frustration and anger you feel when such a major investment leaves you feeling cheated. In fact, I have devoted my entire law practice to helping people fight back in these cases. As a result, I have a complete understanding of North Carolina’s Lemon Law, as well as the federal laws that are designed to protect consumers against manufacturers that produce defective vehicles.

I will take the time to learn the complete history of your vehicle and help you determine if legal action is warranted. Even if you have been turned down by other attorneys, call me. I pride myself on offering creative, strategic counsel in cases others have backed away from.