A lawyer has two equally important roles. A lawyer must be a strong advocate on behalf of his or her clients. A lawyer must also be able to offer useful guidance in his or her role as an advisor. I am Richard A. McNeil. I take great in pride in fulfilling each of these roles on behalf of my clients.

In a lawyer's role as advocate, he or she must be able to present forceful and persuasive arguments on behalf of his client when negotiating with the opposition. A lawyer must also be able to present these arguments in the courtroom before a judge and a jury. You can count on me to fully investigate your claim and present a complete picture of your damages to the opposition and their lawyers.

I Advocate For Car Buyers Across North Carolina

I am Raleigh attorney Richard A. McNeil. I have devoted my entire legal practice to protecting consumers across the state of North Carolina who have purchased defective vehicles. As your advocate, I will take an aggressive stance against the motor vehicle manufacturers responsible for your lemon vehicle. In the event that the vehicle manufacturer is not being reasonable in negotiations, I will provide thorough counsel on all possible legal alternatives including arbitration and litigation.

As an advisor, I will give you straightforward advice about the strengths and the potential weaknesses of your claim. If the manufacturer of your defective vehicle offers what I believe to be a reasonable settlement, I will advise you to accept the offer. If the offer is not reasonable, I will advise you to reject the offer. My advice is based upon over two thousand cases I have handled involving North Carolina's Lemon Law and related federal laws. I want what is best for you and will never advise you to accept a settlement offer unless I believe it is in your best interests to do so.

I Only Collect If You Do

If you bought a lemon, protect your rights. Call 919-926-0863 or email my law firm. I do not charge any upfront or out-of-pocket fees to my clients. I will not even charge you for the costs of investigating your case. I only collect an attorney fee if I am successful helping you recover damages for your vehicle.