Many car buyers opt to purchase a used car with a certified pre-owned warranty over buying a brand new car. In most cases, the cars cost less, being just a few years older than their new counterparts, and consumers feel a sense of confidence in the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

A certified pre-owned warranty states the manufacturer has placed its label of approval on a used vehicle, assuring the consumer that the car or vehicle is clean of defects and will not cause technical problems for the driver. Should the car break down and the manufacturer fail to honor the certified pre-owned warranty, the consumer has rights under lemon laws to file a claim against the manufacturer for the failures of the vehicle.

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The cars sold under these warranties are supposed to be exhaustively checked and cleared before being sold back. These types of warranties are often more narrow than original warranties. Seeking a claim under these circumstances requires a detailed understanding of the type of warranties and issues that are covered, as well as the steps required to complete a successful claim.

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I am attorney Richard A. McNeil, and I have the experience and understanding to guide you through this process and seek full compensation for the issues that your manufacturer refuses to cover under the certified pre-owned warranty.

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