State and federal laws that protect car buyers require the skill and legal understanding of an attorney who is experienced and has handled a wide range of these types of cases. When selecting a lemon law attorney, you should look for some specific qualifications, including:

Experience — Your attorney should have a focus on lemon law and a track record for success in the area, having dealt with many manufacturers, manufacturer attorneys, and a variety of automobile defects. Since graduating from UNC Law in 2006, I have dedicated my entire legal career to the area of lemon law and warranty law. During that time, I have handled several thousand cases and produced stellar results for my clients.

Patience — Lemon law cases develop over time as the car buyer makes repeated attempts to get the car fixed by the manufacturer or dealership. A skilled lemon law lawyer will not rush you, but will provide guidance and counsel negotiations with the manufacturer. Be wary of attorneys who will rush to get you signed up with their agreement, even though your case might not yet be fully formed with a solid foundation. My office will never pressure you or encourage you to move forward before I believe your case is ready.

Relationships — Does the attorney have established working relationships with contacts, representatives and lawyers within these companies and dealerships? These are critical to a successful outcome in a lemon law case. My experience with lemon law provides an insight into the different ways and individuals responsible for how each manufacturer addresses their lemon law claims.

Location — Is the attorney located in North Carolina? Does he or she practice in other states also? Some larger firms are nationwide, with only a satellite office or P.O. box in North Carolina. I was born, raised and educated in North Carolina, and my office is in Raleigh.

Interaction — How often will you speak with your attorney? Will their paralegal be the one doing most of the work and updating you on your case? I will personally oversee every step of your case from start to finish. When you call for an update on your case or with questions, you will speak directly to me.

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At the Law Office of Richard A. McNeil, I am committed to providing consumer protection and knowledgeable service to each client I represent. I focus solely on this area of law, and I'm able to offer a high level of service and representation to consumers facing lemon law issues.

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