North Carolina's Lemon Law applies not just to cars, but to all vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds. This means that all new motorcycles and most new trucks are under the protection of North Carolina's Lemon Law. My name is Richard A. McNeil. My law firm is dedicated to helping people across the state who purchase a defective motor vehicle, including a defective truck or motorcycle.

The legal process for defective motorcycles and trucks works similarly to the process for defective new cars. The defect on your truck or motorcycle must be covered by the terms of the warranty. This defect must substantially impair the value of your motorcycle or truck. You must have presented your vehicle to the dealer for repair four or more times, or your vehicle must have been out of service for a total of 20 or more business days over any 12-month period under the warranty.

Under North Carolina's Lemon Law, the remedies for a lemon truck or motorcycle are exactly the same as those for a car. You will be entitled to either the full contract price of your vehicle, reduced by a reasonable mileage allowance, or the manufacturer will replace your vehicle. The manufacturer may also be responsible for paying reasonable attorney's fees.

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