Many people prefer purchasing used cars because they are not as expensive as comparable new models and do not depreciate in value as quickly as new cars. Of course, used cars are not immune from serious defects. If you have reason to believe that your used car is a lemon, you need to take action to protect your rights as soon as possible.

I am Raleigh consumer protection attorney Richard A. McNeil. I have devoted my law practice to helping consumers across North Carolina who unknowingly purchase defective cars, including used motor vehicles.

Although North Carolina's Lemon Law does not apply to used cars, you may still have potential legal remedies. The federal law known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act applies to used vehicles that are still under the original manufacturer's warranty. If the vehicle is not under manufacturer warranty, our firm is unable to assist you.

Under this law, if your used car cannot be repaired after a reasonable period of time, or over a reasonable number of attempts, you are entitled to a cash settlement that represents the loss in value your vehicle has suffered as a result of its defects. In addition, this law also provides for attorney's fees. Therefore, there is no added expense for you to hire an experienced, aggressive lemon law attorney. You can trust that I will be a strong advocate for your interests in negotiations against your opposition. I will also offer trusted counsel and advice based on helping countless consumers across North Carolina.

Unfortunately, if you bought a used car "as-is" that turned out to be a lemon, neither the state nor federal laws apply to your car. You may still have legal recourse if the automobile dealer made material misstatements or otherwise misled you in regards to the purchase of your vehicle. My firm does not practice in this area, however.

I Am Ready To Represent You

If your used car is still under warranty and is defective, take action to protect your rights. Call 919-926-0863 or email my office today. I do not charge upfront fees and I will not charge you for costs to investigate your case. I only collect an attorney fee if I help you recover damages for your vehicle.