Know Your Rights Under North Carolina's Lemon Law

When your car has defects that cannot be fixed, even after multiple repairs, you may have a lemon. A lemon reflects poorly on an automobile manufacturer. As a result, the manufacturer will need to be shown a lot of evidence before admitting fault. This is why, if your car has a serious defect, it is a must to have an experienced consumer protection lawyer at your side.

I am Richard A. McNeil. I have devoted my career to helping people throughout North Carolina who have bought lemons. At your free consultation, I will begin by listening to your account of events and the amount of time spent at the dealership. Generally speaking, the more documentation you can provide about the number of repairs and nature of repairs, the sooner we can begin recovering damages for your defective automobile. Contact me now to set up your free phone or in-person consultation.

Understanding When A Car Is Legally A 'Lemon'

Under the New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act, which is the proper name for North Carolina's Lemon Law, you have a lemon under the following circumstances:

  • Your motor vehicle has a defect that is covered by the terms of the warranty;
  • The defect substantially impairs the value of your motor vehicle;
  • Your car has been presented for repair to the dealer four or more times but the problem has not been fixed; or
  • Your car was out of service for a total of 20 or more business days during a 12-month period where the car was under warranty.

What Are My Remedies?

If you have a lemon due to defective auto manufacturing, North Carolina law gives you the choice of two different remedies:

  • The manufacturer pays you the full contract price of your vehicle, including sales tax, license and registration fees, and all finance charges, reduced by a "reasonable allowance for the use of the vehicle."
  • The manufacturer replaces your vehicle.

No Upfront Costs

In many instances, this consumer protection law requires that the manufacturer pay a reasonable attorney's fee. That is why I charge no upfront or out-of-pocket fees. In fact, I only collect an attorney fee if I help you recover damages. I will not even charge you a fee for the costs of investigating your claim.

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