In some cases, a defective car is an isolated incident. Other times, a large percentage of cars made under a certain model are defective for a similar reason due to a widespread problem in design or manufacturing. At the Law Office of Richard A. McNeil, I help evaluate the nature of the defect with your new car and provide the legal steps needed to seek compensation under lemon laws.

Vehicle Defects And Auto Recalls

I will evaluate several factors in building a claim against the manufacturer, including:

  • The number of times you had to take the vehicle back to the dealership seeking a fix to the problem
  • Any recalls that were issued for that model or similar models with identical components
  • Notifications and memos by the company, whether on the website or through other channels

As your attorney, I will investigate to determine if the defect is isolated or widespread with reports of similar problems coming from different areas of the country. In either instance, my goal is to protect the investment you have made in your vehicle and fight for your rights.

Manufacturer defects are not limited to serious issues, such as defects in transmissions, engines, brakes, starters or other components that are vital to the car operating. Any type of defect that substantially affects value is covered under the lemon laws, including those involving tires, on-board GPS, air conditioning, seats, interior and aesthetic components, or other items on the car that might not seem critical. They are all part of the investment you made into the vehicle, and when they fail to perform properly, I can assist in seeking compensation under lemon law.

Unfortunately a manufacturer recall in and of itself may not qualify a consumer for relief under lemon and warranty laws. Newer vehicles provide more opportunities to argue for help but still must meet certain criteria for a claim to be pursued. For older vehicles that may not fall under these laws, I recommend investigating whether any class actions may be forming or formed to pursue these claims on behalf of a large number of consumers. Keep organized documentation on all relevant recalls, bulletins, out of pocket expenses, as well as notes on any contact you make with the manufacturer. Above all, make personal and family safety your first priority. Never let anyone else make safety decisions for you.

A Lawyer Who Focuses On Lemon Law Cases

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