Many consumers dealing with a defect to their vehicle or a lemon are frustrated and confused by the tactics that some car manufacturers and dealerships try to use to avoid paying for the repair or replacement of the vehicle. This can include throwing up roadblocks or making excuses intended to deceive the consumer.

Attempts To Avoid Repair Or Replacement

As a lawyer whose practice is committed to protecting car buyers in Lemon Law cases, I have extensive experience protecting car buyers who face the typical runaround that many of these companies provide. Upon realizing there is a defect in the car, the consumer will typically take it to the dealership to be checked out. Common tactics include:

  • The dealership may claim that more driving time is required on the vehicle to accurately diagnose the problem or determine if there is a problem at all.
  • The dealership may claim that its mechanics are unable to duplicate the issue or simply have no idea what you are talking about, even though you can provide clear explanation of instances where the issue took place.
  • Each time you bring the car in, the dealership may rephrase its explanation of the problem so that it does not appear to be a recurring problem.
  • The dealer may claim that these types of glitches are normal and nothing to be concerned with.
  • The dealer may also claim that you are not driving the car under normal driving conditions, somehow making the defect your fault.

A Thorough Review Of The Facts Involved

As your attorney, I will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of each visit you made to the dealership to address the issue. This includes looking at the problem being addressed, the explanation or excuse given by the dealer and its lack of effort or attempt to fix the problem.

The most important thing that you can do to protect your rights in these situations is to be sure to always get a copy of a service record or work order documenting your visit. Even if you are provided one of the excuses above, still be sure to get a document reflecting that you took time out of your schedule to make that trip to the dealership.

I provide skilled and experienced handling of these issues, taking the proper legal steps to ensure that your rights are protected. To learn more about how I can advocate on your behalf as you face the tactics of manufacturers and dealerships, please call 919-926-0863 or use my online contact form to schedule a free consultation. I represent clients throughout North Carolina from my office in Raleigh.